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Site-wide Cyber Monday SALE! 20% OFF!

Site-wide Cyber Monday Sale 20% OFF!!  One week only.  Enter coupon code: CYBER20 upon checkout.  

Sale starts Monday, November 28th thru Monday, December 5th. 

Ever dreamed of creating your own wine?  

Enjoy this brief introductory video from Blendtique Wine Company and learn how to create and design the perfect wine from the comfort of home!

Blendtique Blending Kit

Wine Blending on the open Seas!

Join us for Custom Wine Blending Classes and Craft Wine Seminars onboard Celebrity Cruise this winter.  Coming soon to a ship near you!

Ho Ho Holidays!

Click on a holiday blog, receive a holiday gift!

From now until the new year enter coupon code: MYWINE2015 to receive an additional $10 off your initial purchase. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanza, and have a wonderful New Year!  Happy Holidays and Happy Blending!!

- Your friends at Blendtique Wine Company

Please note: This discount code is for first-time purchases only
and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.  Cheers! 

Holiday Wine

Getting Married? Personalize your Wedding Wine!
Blendtique Wine Company has several options to help make your special day even more winederful!!  Creat and Design your original wine blend and label utilizing our one-of-a-kind 'Custom Blending  Kit,' or select from a number of Blendtique pre-bottled options, and simply create your unique label design.  Current options include our 2013 Vermillion Rhone Red, 2013 Soothe Serum Meritage Blend, or 2013 Blendtique Chardonnay.  
Personally, we think its bit cooler to blend-your-own, but sometimes pricepoint and timing are a factor, so we're happy you and your loved ones create the perfect wine -for the perfect day .  Designing your custom wine adds an awesome personal touch to your special event and a keepsake for years to come.  Serve you signature wine at rehearsal dinners, receptions, hospitality suites, or as part of your in-room gift baskets.  
Upload a favorite photo image of the bride-and-groom or create your unique label design to complete the perfect package, and remember to add a personal note to your guests on the back label.  Contact for more information and to create the ultimate wedding wine.  Volume discounts available.  Happy wine, happy life!!

wine party

Wedding Wine

How it works! Blendtique Demo Video

Ever dreamed of creating your own wine?  

Enjoy this brief introductory video from Blendtique Wine Company and learn how to create and design the perfect wine from the comfort of home!

Blendtique Blending Kit

Guess Who’s Flying High on the Friendly Skies?

Blendtique Wine Company’s signature Blending Kit is being featured in the upcoming holiday issue of SkyMall.  The one and only magazine you actually read cover-to-cover, because you are literally wedged between a coughing man and a crying baby for hours on end.  

Fear not!  We will be there to help console you in your hour of need with the promise of wine, wine blends, and wine personalization in your almost immediate future. 

We are thrilled to partner SkyMall and their amazing magazine during the holiday season to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy wine, enjoy life, and try try to enjoy your flight...  Please visit for more information. 

Wedding Wine By Design

Now that’s what I call an awful blog title.  And yet here you are clicking the link.  Are you actually getting married?  That’s awesome!  I mean, literally the beez kneez, well not literally, but you know what I mean… Congratulations! 

And we weren’t kidding about designing your very own wine for your very own day. We’re not trying to sell you over the counter medication from Canada or anything, but we are more than committed to help you inebriate your guests who lets face it need a drink because they’re either single or finally have a night away from the kids... 

Blendtique Wine Company presents Wedding Wine By Design, a terrible name, but an unbelievable idea to help personalize your wine experience for your biggest day. 

Whether helping to host a blending party to create your ideal recipe or designing party favors complete with customized label, BWCo would be thrilled to help create a wine to represent the last time your parents will ever actually help pay for anything.  Oh yeah, and did we mention the wines are not only awesome, but will probably have your face on it?! 

Click on over to for more information.

Why We Would Fail First Grade Math

We’re not really big on the mathematical equations here at Blendtique Wine Company. We pride ourselves on our product so, sure, there’s some measuring and a few formulas- but the heart wants what it wants: Our heart (as a collective team) wants to taste great wines. Here’s where the math problems come in. To us, 1+1 equals Zing! Or 1+1+1 equals Wowsa! Here’s why: the BWCo blending process takes the parts of a whole and makes it way. more. awesome! The 3 wines you blend to make your custom wine are going to yield something SO tasty that it can’t possibly be just 1+1+1=3. More like 1+1+1=Happiness.

For the record, federal law requires that if a bottle is labeled as a specific varietal (Merlot, Chardonnay, etc.) it must contain 75% of THAT grape. So that “go-to” bottle of pinot noir you’ve been picking up every week (…or every few days, we all need a hobby, right?) could very well be a blend! Too bad the feds don’t have that kind of leniency with tax season…  Visit and take home one of our signature blending kits.  You just might create your own 1+1+1=Smashing Baby!

Turning Over a New Leaf – Literally

Welcome!  Tis the season for growth, change, and that amazingly important time of year we in the wine business call, go-time!  In other words, harvest is literally right around the corner.  

Ripe fruit.  Circle of life -the whole jazz... And while we can honestly say the fruit here on the Central Coast looks amazing; we’re kind of hoping you’ll be willing to tell us the same.  Are we are literally asking you to tell us we look amazing? Yes. 

Why are we being so vain?  Mainly its because we are who we are… but more importantly it’s because Wine Apothecary is now officially Blendtique Wine Company.  Did someone say pop the corks?!  The answer again is yes.

While Blendtique Wine Company is Wine Apothecary and Wine Apothecary is Blendtique Wine Company…  For reasons best left unexplained, our leaf has recently turned toward Blendtique Wine Company.   

We are over the harvest moon about our new name and embracing change with energy, fervor, excitement, and utter deliciousness!!  

Blendtique Wine Company is home to an entirely original wine concept whereby the everyday consumer can create and design a customized wine blend from the comfort of home.  

Interested?  Salivating?  When “wine” and “innovative new concept” are used in the same sentence you better believe we are.  So stop on over to our new home at and have yourself a glass, a blend, a bottle, or pallet –we promise we won’t set limitations.